Ed Verry, OCD Coach 

Ed Verry, OCD Coach

Sense of Humor
OCD Sufferer
OCD Recovered
Heard It All
Open Minded
Goal Oriented

I work with...
  • People burdened by mild to severe Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder -- "OCD" ...
  • People who want help and encouragement to prepare or carry out their own self-help program
  • "Washers" & "Cleaners" - those obsessed with various "contamination" and "decontamination" issues
  • "Checkers" - those who excessively check locks, stoves, past activities, etc. to ensure safety
  • "Hoarders" - those who very excessively or irrationally save things and "can't" throw things away
  • "Orderers" - those often compelled to place objects in special patterns - "to set matters right"
  • "Repeaters" - those who repeat specific actions to ward off feared disasters -- illogically
  • "Pure Obsessionals" - those trying to reduce distressing obsessions through repetitive internal arguments
  • "Thinking Ritualizers" - those trying to reduce obsessions via exact specific mental routines
  • Psychiatrists, psychologists, counselors who want to recommend an assistant for their OCD clients
  • Those who have been clinically diagnosed with OCD by a mental health professional
  • Those not clinically diagnosed but know or suspect they have OCD and want to discuss their situation
  • People with OCD who would like moral support and encouragement from someone who's "been there," too
  • People wishing to supplement their OCD medications with clinically proven cognitive-behavior therapy
  • People who desire an alternative to OCD medications (due to side-effects or lack of results)
  • Local clients and those farther away—via phone
  • Coaching Approach/Philosophy
    OCD is tough to beat -- especially by yourself. I'll help you get organized, stay motivated, and take one step at a time to benefit greatly from proven self-help programs developed by leading authorities in modern OCD therapy.

    Question for you...
    Are you tired of being controlled by your OCD? Are your ready to work on getting free -- and getting your life back?

    Call for initial consultation (free)
    --in person or by phone.
    OCD self-help resources available

    Local (Bozeman) OCD Self-Help Support Group
    Based on effective OCD support group format developed by Dr. Jonathan Grayson, director of The Anxiety and Agoraphobia Treatment Center in Bala Cynwyd, Pa., and medical adviser to the Philadelphia Affiliate of the OC Foundation
    Group is not currently active.

    Not currently accepting new clients

    Coaching Formats
    in person
    by telephone
    on site

    Fee Range
    sliding scale or donation

    99% recovery from personal
    severe OCD
    Bachelor of Science, Psychology
    - University of Illinois
    OC Foundation, professional member
    Former OCD support group co-facilitator
    - Bozeman, Montana

    A Favorite Quote
    "The practice is hard, of course, but it always works. The fear always goes down after a certain amount of time. ... My advice to anyone with OCD is to get help. Follow the program... "
    by Kate, a cognitive-behavior therapy program participant

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    Ed Verry
    1123 Woodland Dr
    Bozeman MT 59718-2767  USA
    ph: 406-586-3798